Fire Equipment Headquarters is your premier location for all your safety equipment needs. Whether you’re an emergency services worker, a firefighter, a homeowner who would like extra protection for their home or vehicle, or an operations person charged with the safety of the workplace, we have the tools and equipment you need.

We carry many items in stock and can accommodate any specialty order requests to fit your specific facility requirements. For a consultation or price quote, please contact us.

Fire Extinguishers

extinguishersSince 1949, Fire Equipment Headquarters, Inc has been Connecticut’s leading supplier of portable fire extinguishers for the home, workplace, and vehicle. We offer a complete range of both new and replacement extinguishers. Upon an initial consultation, we would be happy to put together an extinguisher package that meets your facility’s hazard-specific needs. And with names like Amerex, Ansul, and Badger, you know you’re getting the best fire extinguishers made.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

automated-external-defibrillatorFrom portable and lightweight, to rugged and professional-grade, we carry an AED that fits for your needs. We carry an extensive line of AEDs for all locations, whether it’s a place of business, a medical facility, or in your own home. Choosing an AED from Fire Equipment Headquarters is making the right choice

Emergency Lighting & Signage

emergency-lighting_smFire Equipment Headquarters, Inc constantly researches the lighting industry to find the best vendors and products to offer our clients. We have access to a variety of lighting apparatus to compliment any interior, and can custom create a lighting/signage package to meet your operational and financial requirements.

Vehicle Emergency Lights

r2lpva_work-sceneLet them know you’re coming with one of our light kits. We offer a variety of mounting styles; from dash to roof, and can custom order lighting and signaling apparatus for any emergency service vehicle or construction vehicle. We offer a full line of emergency vehicle lighting systems including lightbars, beacons, accessories and controls, sirens, and the latest in LED emergency lighting products.

Gas Detectors

gas-detectorFrom portable, to fixed, to stand-alone, we are a full-service distributor of gas detection products from BW Technologies by Honeywell. With cutting-edge technology and the latest in RFI protection, BW instruments deliver the lightest and most sophisticated protection from toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards.

Emergency Wash Kits

eye-washProtect yourself and your staff from hazardous splashes and spills with one of our emergency wash kits. Fire Equipment Headquarters, Inc carries a variety of eyewash stations and drench showers, including portable, wall mount, faucet mount and floor mount models.

Fire Department Supplies

fire-gearSome of the supplies we carry:

  • Flat Seal & Ring Couplings
  • Wrenches
  • Hose Fittings
  • Adaptors
  • Hose Racks and Reels
  • Valves
  • Nozzles
  • Hydrant Connectors

Fire Extinguisher & Hose Cabinets

larsens-fire-hose-cabinetSecure your fire hose or extinguishers while still providing access in one of our quality storage cabinets. Available if a variety of styles, our cabinets will compliment your interior while still providing the safety and security you require. We offer them in a variety of mounting styles from recessed and semi-recessed, to surface-mounted models.

Fire Hose

fire-hoseSome of the fire hose we carry:

  • Chemical Booster Fire Hose
  • Double Jacket Fire Hose
  • Forestry Fire Hose
  • Mill Hose
  • Single Jacket Fire Hose
  • Rack Hose
  • Potable Water Hose
  • Non-Collapsible Fire Hose

First Aid Kits

223-UAll our First Aid kits are OSHA-compliant and ANSI standard, and include all the essential First Aid items for treating cuts, scrapes, burns and other emergencies that may arise, either at home or on the job. For the home or car, office or worksite, Fire Equipment Headquarters has the size and style First Aid Kit to fulfill your immediate safety needs.


flashlightSome of the flashlights we carry:

  • Krypton D-Cell
  • Rechargeable Flashlights
  • Rechargeable Lanterns
  • Explosion-Protected Flashlights
  • Miniature Flashlights
  • Hand-Held/Hands-Free Twin Bulb
  • Pocket Flashlights
  • Convertible Lights/Lamps

Sirens and Speakers

sirenFire Equipment Headquarters, Inc specializes in siren amplifiers and speaker boxes in a variety styles. Available for Police, Fire and Rescue, EMS, Ambulance, and specialty orders.

Turnout Gear

turnout-gearProtect yourself while you protect others. Built tough and built to last, you’ll find what you’re looking for in safety gear when you look to Fire Equipment Headquarters.

Available from a variety of manufacturers, we only offer the best turnout gear at the best prices.

Smoke Detectors

smoke-detectorA must-have in any residence or place of business, alarms are most people’s first line of defense against fire. In the event of a fire, properly installed and maintained smoke alarms will provide an early warning signal. This alarm could save your own life and those of your co-workers or loved ones by providing the chance to escape. Protect your home or place of business, protect yourself, with a quality smoke detector from Fire Equipment Headquarters.

Carbon Dioxide

co2-cylindersFire Equipment Headquarters is also your one-stop shop for all your Carbon Dioxide needs. We offer tank inspection and testing, refilling & recharging, as well as sell refurbished tanks.

Specialty Batteries and Bulbs

batteriesFrom flashlights to exit signage, Fire Equipment Headquarters has the specialty and hard-to-find batteries and bulbs for all your equipment. We also carry a variety of accessories such as vehicle chargers and specialty mounts.

Safety Cans and Cabinets

safety-cabinetProtect your hazardous fluids with one of our storage cabinets. Our cabinets come in a variety of sizes for the storage of flammable liquids, acids, paints, inks, and pesticides.

We also carry a wide variety of safety cans from Type-l and Type-ll, to special purpose cans for fluid transfer and drainage.

Fire and Work Boots

batteriesWe carry premium crafted fire and work boots from industry leaders Weinbrenner and Thorogood.

Safety Supplies

safety-cabinetWe carry an assortment of supplies designed to keep you and your workers safe on the job site, accident scene or wherever your work takes you. From vests and jackets to road signs and safety cones, we have what you need. We even custom letter vests for your company or department!