At Fire Equipment Headquarters we offer a variety of services designed to meet all your safety needs. Whether you are a small business, a large commercial outlet, or a private residence, we at Fire Equipment Headquarters have your safety in mind. Please read below for further details into some of the many services we offer.

OSHA-Compliant Quantitative Fit Testing

extinguisher-trainingRespirator fit tests must be taken before a worker wears a mask for the first time. The worker must also take the fit test every year after that. Fit tests must also be taken if there are changes to a person’s face that could change the fit of the respirator. These changes can include things like weight changes, dental work, face surgery or scarring.

While respirator fit tests may be easy to lose track of, it is an important element in OSHA compliance. Even more than that, the respirator fit test is an important tool in keeping your employees healthy and safe from environmental hazards. We offer quantitative fit testing services throughout the state of Connecticut.

Fire Extinguishers

extinguishersFrom installation to inspection and recharging, Fire Equipment Headquarters can handle all your fire extinguisher service needs.

Upon an initial consultation, we can recommend a safety equipment package for your location as well as proper placement of your fire extinguishers for maximum safety and compliance with code.


Regardless of the facility, or quantity of fire extinguishers, our service technicians can install your fire extinguishers in compliance with all applicable code.

What’s more, installation is included1 when you purchase your fire extinguishers from Fire Equipment Headquarters.

Inspection & Maintenance:

Performed onsite, our certified technicians can service and maintain your fire extinguishers in compliance with NFPA 10, State, and Federal (OSHA) guidelines. To maintain maximum safety measures per OSHA guidelines, we recommend our monthly fire extinguisher inspection service.


Our technicians can also recharge your fire extinguishers on a schedule in accordance with code specific to the type of extinguisher you have. We will also provide you with a replacement fire extinguisher, at no additional cost, while your extinguisher is
being serviced.

OSHA-Compliant Employee Fire Extinguisher Training

extinguisher-trainingThis annual training is conducted per OSHA regulations, and is designed to train your staff in the proper use of fire extinguishers in the event of a fire in the workplace. Performed onsite, our training personnel will travel to your place of business to educate your staff on topics such as Fire Safety, Prevention, and Containment. We provide all training materials and give all attendees the opportunity for hands-on practice in discharging an actual fire extinguisher. Upon completion of the course, we will provide Certificates of Completion upon request.

Fire Hose Inspection, Testing, & Repair

fire-hoseProper maintenance of your fire hose is key in maintaining a solid fire safety program in your facility. Performed onsite, our certified technicians can service and maintain your fire hoses and nozzles in compliance with NFPA, State, and Federal (OSHA) guidelines. Our technicians can also perform the required service testing on both your fire hose and nozzles at the appropriate intervals.

Emergency Lighting & Signage

exit-signIn addition to your fire extinguisher inspection, Fire Equipment Headquarters can also install and inspect the emergency lighting and signage required for your facility. From emergency floodlights to illuminated exit signs; our technicians have the tools and knowledge to maintain your emergency lighting system. Battery-operated and hard-wired system installations available. We offer monthly 30-second testing as well as the annual required 90-minute functional test. To maintain maximum safety measures per NFPA guidelines, we recommend our monthly inspection service.

Hydrostatic Testing

hydrostatic_testing_1Fire Equipment Headquarters maintains an OSHA-compliant, US DOT-certified facility at our main office located in Torrington, CT, to conduct hydrostatic testing on your fire extinguishers, compressed gas cylinders, and fire hose. A replacement extinguisher will be provided, at no additional cost, while testing is being performed.

“A visual inspection alone cannot insure that a portable fire extinguisher is safe or will operate properly when needed. Over time, normal handling or workplace conditions can impact the structural integrity of the extinguisher and cause it to malfunction or burst. To prevent this from happening, all portable fire extinguishers are required to be inspected and pressure tested by a qualified individual using the proper equipment and facilities. 1910.157(f)(1)

Carbon Dioxide Cylinders

co2-cylindersFire Equipment Headquarters can also inspect, test, and fill your Carbon Dioxide tanks.

Gas Detection and Monitoring Equipment Service

BWT_GasAlert_Quattro-d-700x700As a full-service distributor of products from BW Technologies by Honeywell, RAE Systems and GfG, Fire Equipiment Headquarters can also repair and calibrate your gas detection and monitoring equipment.

Turnout Gear Maintenance and Repair

turnout-gearFire Equipment Headquarters is also your garment (fire gear) cleaning and repair center. Whether you need damaged gear repaired or just need to add something; we can replace trim, snaps, lettering or add gear holders, as well as mend holes, make repairs and alterations. Maintenance contracts available.

All equipment inspections can be performed in monthly, semi-annual, or annual intervals upon your request.

First Aid Kit Restocking Service

BWT_GasAlert_Quattro-d-700x700Fire Equipment Headquarters can assist you with keeping your First Aid Kit stocked and ready for emergencies. Whether monthly, semi-annually or annually, we can take inventory and make sure that you are prepared for any situation.

Air Quality Testing

We offer compressed air testing services using the AirCheck method of analysis. NFPA guidelines recommend quarterly testing of all air transfer points to include compressors, mobile air systems and storage banks and we’ve got your covered!

1Subject to certain Terms and Conditions at the time of sale. Please contact us for further details.