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Fire Equipment Headquarters is a premier supplier of fire and safety equipment for CT, MA, NY

Fire Equipment Experts in CT

Our Family-Owned Business is Celebrating 50 Years!

We carry a full line of emergency and safety equipment for professionals and homeowners alike. From fire extinguisher services to a complete safety package for full-scale commercial facility maintenance, Fire Equipment Headquarters, Inc. has the tools and resources you need.

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Why is Having Fire Protection Equipment Important?

Proper fire protection equipment is essential for both homes and offices to prevent fire-related accidents. Installing fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and fire alarms can help detect and control fires before they become uncontrollable. Neglecting to install proper fire protection equipment can result in devastating losses, including damage to property, loss of life, and injuries. 

Fire accidents can happen unexpectedly and can spread quickly, so having the proper equipment is crucial for quick response and damage control. It is important to regularly maintain and test fire protection equipment to ensure it is functioning correctly. Investing in fire protection equipment is a wise decision that can ultimately save lives and property.

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