Fire Equipment Headquarters, Inc

Fire Equipment Services

We offer a variety of fire equipment services to meet your safety needs.

Fire Equipment Services We Offer

At Fire Equipment Headquarters we offer a variety of services designed to meet all your safety needs. Whether you are a small business, a large commercial outlet, or a private residence, we have your safety in mind. Please see below for further details into some of the many services we offer. 

fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Installation, Inspection, Recharging, Training

emergency exit signage

Exit Lighting & Signage

Installation, Inspection, Monthly service

yellow gas detection monitoring device

Gas Detection

Calibrate and repair gas detection and monitoring equipment

first aid kits and first aid kit restocking

First Aid Kits

Restocking of First Aid Kits

Hydrostatic testing of carbon dioxide tanks.

Hydrostatic Testing

Fire extinguishers, Compressed gas, Fire hose

Coiled fire hose.

Fire Hose

Inspection, Repair, Testing

respirator fit testing

Fit Testing

Respirator fit testing

Carbon dioxide cylinders

Carbon Dioxide CO2

Filling, Inspection, Testing

turnout bunker gear

Turnout Gear

Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair

Air quality testing kit.

Air Quality

Compressed air testing

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