Fire Equipment Headquarters, Inc

Gas Detection and Monitoring Equipment Service

We are a certified Sales, Service, and Repair Center for Honeywell, RAE, GfG, Chlorine Dioxide, and Ozone Meters. 

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We Calibrate and Repair Gas Detection & Monitoring Equipment

We are a full-service distributor of products from BW Technologies by Honeywell, RAE Systems, GfG, chlorine dioxide, and ozone meters. Fire Equipment Headquarters can also repair and calibrate your gas detectors and monitoring equipment. 

We Stock All Types of Gas Detectors

From portable, to fixed, to stand-alone, we are a full-service distributor of gas detector products from BW Technologies by Honeywell. With cutting-edge technology and the latest in RFI protection, BW instruments deliver the lightest and most sophisticated protection from toxic gases, combustibles, and oxygen hazards.

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Gas detectors
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